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Ustaz Akram Afifi

Learn to Recite the al-Quran Online
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Unlock the beauty of the Quran from the comfort of your home with our online Quran classes.

Our expert teachers will guide you in reciting and understanding the Quran with a personalized learning experience tailored to your needs.

You can now learn at your own pace and convenience with affordable fees.

Join us now and start your journey towards a deeper understanding of the Quran!

Over 25,000 Students From 30 Countries Have Succeeded. From Illiteracy to Literacy. It’s easy to Mengaji Online Quran.

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complete ecosystem

The students will be guided from learning Iqra to Tadabbur al-Quran. Our interactive ecosystem features trained teachers.

Student Care - Students are protected and not left behind

Special Representative – Each student will have a special representative from MengajiOnline who is responsible for monitoring the welfare of the student and the class journey to ensure that they are always in the best condition!

1 Student progress report card -Teachers will provide each student with a report card on their learning progress. Each class conducted will provide suggestions for improvement, module recommendations, and more.

2 Free subject ebook note module – each student will be given e-books or notes on the Quran and Tajwid on the platform.

3 Systematic management – For teacher exchanges, class schedules, class schedule reminders, and more can be done automatically using the application.

4 System to track student journey for each subject – Each student will be given a Quran learning journey system monitored by the system. With that, students can identify their learning journey from time to time.

5 Student support group – Each student will be given a special support group. This facilitates the process of asking questions with the teacher to learn to recite the Quran.

6 Special Representative – Each student has a special representative who will help and monitor the welfare of the student while studying with MengajiOnline. All responses/requests/questions will be assisted by the special representative from the student care team of


1. Fill out the registration form

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3. Pay registration

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4. Study class begins

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Tajwid Ebook & Tutorial Worth SGD29

Mahkraj and pronunciation tutorial worth SGD9

Access the class management system in the application

Support group whatsapp together with the teacher of your choice

Frequently asked questions

The concept of mengaji online is learning via video call with trained teachers under such as platforms such as:

Whatsapp video calls
Facebook Messenger video calls
Facetime (Iphone)
Google Meet

Read iqra while learning to read. That is, starting from the basics of studying.
Learn tajwid and pronunciation makhraj.
Fardu ain and “amal ibadat”
Tadabbur and Tafsir al-Quran.
Arabic language and literature.

For the study class schedule, you can set yourself such as the day, time, and location or platform you want to study. Follow the following steps:

Home > Booking kelas dan isi butiran > Payment.

For the class schedule at the center you can check with the following steps.

Home > Kelas centre > Pilih negeri > Pilih pusat pengajian yang anda berminat > klik untuk lihat butiran penuh.

You can contact for us to help you get sponsorship for the mengaji class you are applying for. If successful, will contact you via email or WhatsApp.

You can register for a mengaji class here or follow the following steps:

Home > Isi butiran kelas > Pilih guru > Payment.

Classes will run as scheduled once payment is made.

You can follow the following steps:

Home > Guru > Subjek > Search

You can check the mastery of the subject and a brief background of the teacher for the subject you are applying for.

For any questions regarding the online study package, contact us directly on the whatsapp line provided. Just click the green button and we will answer any questions you may have.

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